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Re: RE: Weight Divisions for NC

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From: Mike Sofen
Sent: Monday, February 11, 2002 8:55 PM
Subject: RC: RE: Weight Divisions for NC

Actually, in the 100 miler in the NC in New Mexico, 4 of the top FIVE were
heavyweight, including the first 3 places.  Now does that skew the
statistics or what?

Does this mean that western heavyweights weigh less than their eastern
counterparts?  (that must be it - the scales in the west were paid off by

Mike Sofen


It's the humidity.  Air is heavier in the east because the humidity is higher; hence, heavyweights weigh more in Kentucky than they would in New Mexico.  And the horses notice the difference.  haha.


Howard (come on, you think a featherweight and a heavyweight should compete in the same category?  Am I the only fat guy here who knows this to be rubbish?  Weight is so damn important, I'm actually cutting back on my beer intake to loose some lbs for the sake of my horse's back)

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