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Fw: Mares in foal

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From: Merrie Boone
To: Ridecamp
Sent: Monday, February 11, 2002 12:40 PM
Subject: Mares in foal

My mare is a 21 year old broodmare and seeing that the foal was her 7th foal and it was my first I wanted to make sure I was there for the birth. While most the time mares will foal as soon as you go in for a pee break we did not give our mare a chance to do that and took turns. I know it was a pain and horses have had babies for thousands of years, but boy was I glad we went the extra mile. The foal was very large and got his shoulders stuck and had to be gently moved in correct position and pulled gently when the hips too became stuck. Had I not been there the foal and mare possiablly would have died. The mare is the youngest producing daughter of *Silver Vanity and she produced this drop dead gorgous stud colt that Bazy Tankersley of Al-Marah arabians bought from me when the colt was all but 4 weeks old.
I would definatly read the book I recommended in my earlier post. I know that it can freak you out reading all the things that could go wrong, but better to educate yourself and be prepared than have something go terriablly wrong and not know what to do.
Merrie Boone
Silver Dream Arabians

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