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On-line points standings and on-line in general has a problem

The on-line point standings at

were last run on 01/15/02.

The final standings reflect corrections that the office made 
up until 02/01/02.

So the ones on-line are not final.  There are differences.

Our host site is still suffering problems - especially in 
replication.  Russ cannot even send email at this point.

He's working hard to fix the problem - router, connections, 
??.  If he knew what it was - he could fix it.

The bottom line right now is that

1.  Changes can continue to be made on your members page. 
These will go to the office and into your records.

2.  These will not show up back on-line though until we get 
the replication going with the office.

3.  The point standings are not the final ones.  Hopefully 
we can run those in a few days.

4.  Only a few ride results have been sent to the office for 
the 2002 ride season.  They have held off on entering these 
until they get the yearbook and the convention set up.

5.  On-line sanctioning can continue.  But when approved in 
the office - they will not appear on-line until we get 
replication going again.

6.  Dues may have been paid and entered in the office.  Dues 
will still show as unpaid on-line until replication is going.

7.  Rider/horse history is running fine.  It doesn't depend 
on the office until the 2002 rides start getting entered.

Mike and Russ

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