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I will go along with no weight divisions if and only if at each race all
riders are weighed with tack and all of the other riders have to carry
enough weight to make their weight equal to the heaviest rider.

Weight does matter on horses.  That is why flat track racing handicaps with
weight.  If you need more proof, find a friend who is of much different
weight than you are.  Take both your  horses out on a quick training ride.
Measure the P/R after the ride.  The next day switch horses and do it over
again.  You will find the truth in the P/R's.

I can show you the same thing by averaging scores of heavy weight (>180 lbs)
and lightweight (<180) in UMECRA CTR rides.  There is a noticable
Ed  Hauser
1140 37th Street
Hudson, WI 54016

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