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Re: RC: RE: Weight Divisions for NC

Actually two of the first four that year were from the east and believe me
they are both honest to goodness HW, independent of Enron running the scales!
But that sure wasn't the caes in Kentucky this year where very few HW's even
finished much less ran up front.

Of course as the statistician would tell you a 3 sigma event can occur, no
matter how unlikely.  That's called job security for statisticians.


Mike Sofen wrote:

> Actually, in the 100 miler in the NC in New Mexico, 4 of the top FIVE were
> heavyweight, including the first 3 places.  Now does that skew the
> statistics or what?
> Does this mean that western heavyweights weigh less than their eastern
> counterparts?  (that must be it - the scales in the west were paid off by
> Enron).
> Mike Sofen

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