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Re: Mares in Foal

Our naughty 2 year old stallion got a mare pregnant year before last.  We
weren't sure of the due date.  She foaled last June in pasture (she was a
maiden mare) and rejected the foal.  We're not sure what happened.  The
other two mares with foals took her over and nursed her but it was during a
really hot spell, I don't think the foal ever got any colostrum (even though
we tried to get the mare to let her nurse) and she died a couple of days
later.  It was heartbreaking.  Our other mares have not had any problem
having foals in the pasture.  But I wouldn't recommend it for maiden mares.
We rebred her, know the exact date she will be due and she will be in a
foaling stall in a barn and I will sleep with her if I have to.  This is her
last chance to redeem herself (she has a crooked cannon bone and will never
be a saddle horse but has terrific Egyptian lines plus she has always hated
me except for when she's in foal so...).

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