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NC ride

HI, just had to step in and add my 2 cents in for what it's worth.  When the 
National Championsip was a series of 3 rides anyone was allowed to inter the 
ride but only the ones who qualified were in the championship part of the 
ride.  Since I usually rode 2 or 3 horses a year I never managed to get one 
qualified but sure did enjoy going to the ride and riding the trails.  I 
usually had several friends who were riding the championship part of the ride 
and we all had so much fun.  Why not satisfy everyone and let anyone go and 
enter but have separate placings for only the qualified riders.  The 
championship riders before may have had to pay a larger fee and got nicer 
awards but everyone supported the rides and had a good time.  I'd go to the 
one this year but am starting a young horse and no way to get him qualified 
without over riding him this year.  But I'd love to go just to ride the trail 
for completion.  I have an older horse that would qualify but he tends to get 
too excited at the start and with the huge group of competative riders  I 
wouldn't risk taking him since he is rather hard to control at times.  On the 
other hand, my young horse takes direction more readily and would be ok at a 
ride like this if I just rode to complete.  I have friends who are also 
starting new horses and have jr. riders who would qualify but they can't 
attend under the current qualifications.  Happy Trails,  Kathy  CT Region  
7000+ miles 

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