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Re: RC: water tank heater--anti shock device

Wiring the heater through a GFI circuit breaker would be a much better option for protection.


beth glover wrote:

 Hi friends ; I was at the trade show Equine Affair and I saw a device a man brought. It was for people who heat their stock tanks/water troughs in cold areas.  This would not include me, but it looked like a nice device. What it does is...shuts of the electricity to the tank/heater when a horse  or animal acitvates its sensor. Kind of a motion alarm. We used to have an outside light that would go on by our house if someone walked by. It's kind of like that, only in reverse. He had electric lights in the bottom of the trough, and if someone put their hand down in there, they would shut off.   His website is  and the device he calls an Electra Guard.   Have fun looking at that.  Beth

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