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Re: RC: EIPH (Bleeders)

I didn't suggest using Lasix, and I believe that Lasix is listed as a 
prohibited drug anyway.  My point was that maybe you should consider a horse 
with EIPH unsuitable for endurance.

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Subject: Re: RC:  EIPH (Bleeders)
Date: Sun, 10 Feb 2002 20:45:43 EST

I would strongly suggest NEVER using Lasix for an endurance horse, as it
works by dehydrating the horse, which lowers the fluid pressure in the 
and makes them less likely to bleed.  Doesn't hurt a race horse, who only
runs for a couple minutes at a time at most.  In fact, they routinely take
water and food away from race horses the morning of the race in order to
lighten the gut load and reduce weight.  Definitely not something we would
want to do with an endurance horse.   jeri

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