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National Championshiip ride

What you say makes sense to me. It is a perspective that probably needs 
consideration. I think that a championship ride should have 
qualifications that set is apart from the other rides. I also think that 
the standards should be clear, and set before the ride year in question 
has begun. The standards for the 2001 ride seemed a little low, yet in 
looking at the ride stats and history of horses and riders, the results 
of the ride seemed equitable. I was not there, so I cannot say anything 
from that perspective. My horse and I are still working through some 
issues and I hope that we qualify to get there this year, but if we 
don't, it's no big deal. I want to take advantage of the easterly 
location, since a part-time schoolteacher doesn't have the finances to 
travel too far for any ride. The qualifications you mention make sense. 
If we are looking for top caliber horses and riders, lifetime miles PLUS 
a standard of mileage together is a good way to accomplish that.
It's worth consideration, and debate from different point of view.
Lucie H.

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