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deciding not to ride

Hello all!

This is the "newbie" Stephanie with the Standardbred (Tokala) again.  I had 
asked for help for the "Far Out Forest" (FOF) ride.  I tried to email 
privately to all who answered me, but I might have missed a few.  If I did, 
I'm sorry.  I have, however, decided not to ride in this one at this time.  

I am not confident in myself enough as my health is taking most of my energy 
reserves.  If a problem arose, as it often does with horses, I am not sure 
I'd be able to control my own horse, making trouble for not only me and my 
horse, but also may put others at risk.  I'm not saying I have a wild, out of 
control mare, because she's not.  I'm just trying to be safe, and keep 
everybody else safe as well.

I will try to get my health under control (which is not very likely, but I'll 
work on it) and hopefully be able to ride in the Green Swamp Stomp in March.  
I'll try to condition myself and my horse in the meantime.

Thanks again, so much to all who wrote encouraging and honest emails.  I'll 
do my darndest to make me and Tokala an endurance team yet, even if it kills 
me ... which I'm working hard to prevent!  :-)

Stephanie and Tokala 
together ... 000,000 miles

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