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Home Envaders

When Dinero was a baby we let him in the house of few times. Maybe more than a few. I come from a long line of hillbillies and having farm animals in the house is the norm. I have video of him having an after school snack of chips and dips with the kids and tearing up their homework! The kids loved that.
We are on a small piece of land so I have to use all that I can with 6 horses. I keep Dinero in the back yard because he keeps getting cut and bit by the other boys. He can come up on our back porch and look through the French doors while we are eating. He always wants to come in but he is too big for that now.
Yesterday, I was gone all day. One of the kids left the back door wide open. When I finally got home and opened the door I walked into a garbage dump. The mess was incredible. Of course the garbage was full when I left, (nobody ever takes the garbage out) and it was everywhere. Thank goodness for ceramic tile.
I made the kids clean it up but we all noticed that there was manure in the floor. Not fresh, but like what comes out of your horses hoof when you clean it. HMMM? Why would the dogs bring that IN the house? Then we noticed the salt shaker was broken but most of the salt was gone. HMMMMM? The dogs are not big salt eaters. In fact, everything on the table was turned over and the table cloth was pulled off a bit but no dog foot prints. DINERO!!
Well, at least Dinero didn't leave the music on. He doesn't know where we keep the Coronas either, which is a good thing. I wish I had a surveillance camera in the house. I could have made a mint, I'll bet.
Talk about your party animals! :)
Lisa Salas, The Odd Farm

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