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RC: Florida???Trails?? wrote:

> jaime
> OK now that i have narrowed it down to 2 states. are there endurance rides in FL? and where? are there places to camp and ride your horses? what about mileage system, got alot of miles or since FL is such a tourist state the mileage is kept down? what a good are to move to? what about a club/?? i bet yall all are like i wish she would stop asking questions.

 well i ask others too. most of yall who are from the areas that i am interested in and that have helped me yall know who yall are and have been great help.
 thanks again
Not only do we have rides, we need you to attend them to keep them going.  Because we're not surrounded by other states, it is sometimes difficult to get folks to travel down here.  Hey, btw, I forgot to tell y'all, they've actually made some improvements to the border patrol down here.  You still need papers, but they've got it computerized and some of the Ag guys will only hold you up for a minute, at the most!  Nice change.
Anyway, we have almost ten endurance rides scheduled for 2002.  But, alas, some of them don't get the turn out they deserve.  So, we need our own riders to keep our rides going.  And, there's quite a few folks I see at every one, over and over again.  And, this is a good thing.  Course, they might not feel the same way towards me.  haha.
Hopefully, I only intend on missing one Florida ride this year.  I'm sure the Endurance Gods will have other things to say in that area, but that's my plan.  You gotta support the rides if you want them to survive.  And, I want them all to survive.  So, please, join us.  It's a tight, compact lot, but growing every day.  We've even put a name to it.  It's called Florida Endurance Rider's Association (FERA), and I'm hoping our number one goal will be to get folks to show up, in greater numbers, to all of the Florida rides.
Here's the website for FERA:
Howard  (and, yes, I'm on the Board, if you can believe that one.  Folks are plum crazy down here.  lol)

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