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Re: Qualification Change for Nationals: New Stats

> THE TOP 20 LAME/METABOLIC PULLS: (All rider had over
> 500 LIFETIME miles and only three had under 500
> horse/rider TEAM miles).

Tami, since in my experience, a great many pulls are by the rider, before
the vet makes such a decision, the above stats tell me that the experienced
riders are the ones who get out before their horses are damaged.  That right
there tells me that the harder qualifications are likely a good thing.  It
has long been my experience as a ride vet that the experienced riders are
the ones that come to me and say, "Doc, I think I've got a problem and I
don't think I'm going to go on."  Those with less mileage are often less
astute at picking up subtle things, and may well even get on to completion
if they are quite minor--but those are the things that add up over time to
shorten a horse's career.

The real proof is in seeing which horses go on to have long careers and
which don't....


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