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Re: national championship/qualifications

Maggie, it just keeps getting better. I felt the same way when I
finished my first 50.  You just keep pushing the envelope (yours and
your horse). That's the greatest thing about Endurance.  The "envelope"
is different for different people depending on their aspirations,
skills, fitness, and how good their horse is and how well trained he
is.  You can take a horse with marginal skills a long way. "MY"
definition of Endurance may be different from "YOUR" definition. The
"feeling" and satisfaction is the same at any level, which is the goal.
You must chooose the point where you stop pushing that envelope.  All of
us can't be the "first fiddler" in the orchestra.  Some people are
delighted to just get really good at "pushing the air thru a trombone".

Jim, Sun of Dimanche, and Mahada Magic

Maggie Mieske wrote:
> <To Top Ten a butt-kicking ride
> that exercises all your skills and those of your horse is an
> unbelievable high to me. Tailing the hills, running alongside your
> horse, muscles burning, both of you hard breathing in sync, mixing your
> sweat, followed by the sweet tired/sore/relaxed feeling at the end.
> After the ride, leaning against the front legs of a drowsy relaxed horse
> drinking a cold beer.>
> I LOVED this prose, Jim,  though for me, just FINISHING  a butt kicking ride
> is a high!!  :)  If that does it for me, what'll I feel like if I ever top
> ten??  :)
> Maggie

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