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Portable Corrals

Karen Webb
I found a wonderful portable corral panel set-up very reasonably through
Straight A's Arenas in Ohio.  They do have a website.  I got the 5ft high,
6ft wide, 6 bar panels that put together with pins, they have the J-leg
bottoms on both sides at the bottoms so will not scoot should the horse
push on them, and any panel can be used as a gate.  You could set it up in
a circle or in a square, they are galvanized steel and each panel only
weighs 28-30lbs a piece.  I am 5'2" tall and needed something I could
handle and set-up my self and these will allow me to that.  I only paid
$550 for a set of 8 and that included shipping.  I have a stallion and
wanted something more solid than the electric tape for his stabling
arrangement at rides and this gives me alot of options without alot of
cost.  Plus, the panels will store and haul in my horse trailer in either
the front or an empty stall.

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