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I said good-bye last night to my mare, Rajah's Bay Belle.
I remember . . . the first time I saw her - Tattersall's Auction 15 years ago.  Went, just for fun, not to buy, but just really liked the way she looked, and kicked myself for letting her go.  Got home, hubby asked "well, what did you get?" and that's all I had to hear.  Was able to contact the original seller, got the buyer's name and for a mere $100 profit they were more than happy to let her go.
I remember . . . our first 50 mile ride, Chicken Chase - - driving to Henryville with miserable rain and temps in the mid 40's, setting up, vetting in, camping, still raining.  More rain, all but the last loop.  What a trooper she was - never even offered to give me the excuse I think I wanted to quit that day.
I remember . . . Wyandotte Woods CTR, those anxious  wrinkles above her eyes as she watched a pony in distress being treated, massaged, I swear she knew just how serious the situation was.
My sweet, docile, patient mare who turned into a fire-breathing dragon on trail.  I don't remember ever seeing her pin her ears, at man or beast. She wasn't a super athlete, she had her faults, but she gave me everything she had to give, and asked for so little in return - like that measly scant cup of grain that was the highlight of her day after she retired.  She gave me one foal, my 11 year old mare who is now in foal herself.  If this baby carries even a trace of the heart and soul of her granddam, I'll be blessed. 
Thanks for listening.

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