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qualifying for "national championship"

I second everything Karen said in her you all know, I totally 
support raising the standards for qualifying.  It's not meant to be a 
showcase for novice riders.  Locally, I  encourage all new riders and I 
think the people who know me realize how hard I promote and encourage their 
entry into our sport.  However, a national championship is not where I 
expect novices to shine...if they do, then what does it say about the 
national championship.  I'd like to be a jockey in the Kentucky Derby, too, 
but I doubt a couple of local brush track races on a borrowed horse, even at 
a mile and a quarter, will qualify me.  Make the National Championship (to 
the majority of members) mean something or call it something else.  It 
should take 2-3 years to qualify the horse and rider "team" shouldn't 
be able to buy qualifications.  To me, that's the abuse of money! go girl!!!  Cindy Collins, AERC #176, 7,000+ miles

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