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Re: RC: Re: Reply/History

> Anne:  A lot of folks may not know about the Catoosa ride.  There >
were many of us in CTR who heard about this ride; perhaps you could >
post it again for all those who weren't into distance riding at that >

I'm just curious. Did the CTR people consider Catoosa to be an "Endurance
Ride" as in an AERC type ride?  For those who don't know, Catoosa was a
race set up by a Yahoo who put up a big jackpot and barred vets.  It was
NOT AERC sanctioned. The distance wasn't that long, 15 or 25 miles? and I
believe 15 horses died. The stories told of kids whipping their Quarter
Horses over the line only to watch them die.  I asked the question about
how the CT people perceived it because a local NATRC person who had a
full page article written on her sport in our local paper gave them the
quote, "Please, oh please don't confuse us with endurance riding where
the first live horse over the finish line wins".

Back in about 1989 or 90 I went to look at some horses in Middle
Tennessee with a girl. The guy who owned this place told us he was
planning to host an "endurance race". We started asking questions and it
was simply a $500 for the first horse to finish 25 miles. He claimed he
had a vet lined up, but it wasn't sanctioned by anybody.  This was pretty
soon after Catoosa. I got the name of the vet from him. I came home and
called one of our endurance vets and told him about it.  The endurance
vet called the man who claimed he was going to put on the race to see if
he would like to put on a "real" endurance ride with some help from
experienced people but the guy got abusive.  So he called this vet they
had lined up (who had never been to any endurance ride) and described to
him the sort of disaster it could turn into. The vet decided he wanted no
part of it. This was before e-mail and long distance was expensive so I'm
not sure what became of it all, but I don't believe they had the race. 

Just make sure if you're going to dig up the grave of Catoosa that you
make it darned clear that was not one of our rides.

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