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Re: Reply/History

Yes, You are rite about that. I guess I can scan it, copy and paste, and post it? There is a very gruesome picture. Can't post pictures can we? One picture is worth............Annie G.
 Anne George Saddlery  
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From: Ric & Gretchen
To: Annie George ; RideCamp
Sent: Wednesday, February 06, 2002 8:29 AM
Subject: Re: Reply/History

From Anne George: How much we have learned. And the one article that I will keep forever, the story of Catoosa.  I will put it in my trailer, keep it out handy, to share with all the newbies I meet at rides.
Anne:  A lot of folks may not know about the Catoosa ride.  There were many of us in CTR who heard about this ride; perhaps you could post it again for all those who weren't into distance riding at that time?
Gretchen Patterson
T-P Ranch Equine Massage

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