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equine teef

I have to disagree with you about sedation. I can't always get my vet and dentist here at the same time. Actually, it is impossible. My dentist can't give sedation. The dentist also does not have a "head rest" so he prefers the horse not to be sedated so his head doesn't hang down. I am just talking about floating. My vet has seen the work the dentist does and is always complimentary.
My two year old colt is the best patient. We started brushing his gums when he was born. It felt good on his teeth when they were erupting and the kids got a kick out of brushing his teeth. All but one of my horses (Odd Todd, who is much better today than 5 years ago) stand relatively quiet while their teeth are being worked on. With a speculum and without drugs. It is not painful, but it can be scary. But as with my youngest who grew up with the toothbrush, they can learn to tolerate it without drugs. We trim and nail shoes on their feet without drugs.
While I am all for "happy shots" ( I would LOVE to have one before I went to the OB/GYN!) I don't see sedation as being necessary for all horses and it is not always available. I know owners can give their own shots but I don't. My horses may not "love" having their teeth done, but they certainly don't mind it a bit.
Certainly, whatever it takes to have your horses mouth examined and dental work done, is well worth the extra cost of the vet visit along with the sedation. 
Lisa Salas, The Odd Farm

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