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equine dentistry again

Sarah Metcalf DVM

Writing again.... separate letter.....(trying to avoid getting one of
those "long" tags which we long-winded folks truly do deserve.)

The original question: veterinarian versus technician, and how to get your
horse sedated if you have chosen to work with a technician.

The two best choices are probably:
1. A veterinarian fully trained to do equine dentistry.
2. A fully trained technician who works cooperatively with a veterinarian.

Not always easy or available!

 This issue is in conflict in the US as well as (apparently) in Canada.
The American Association of Equine Practitioners, as well as the AVMA, as
well as state liscencing boards, are being pressured to take a stand.
Veterinarians tend to feel that dentistry is part of their territory,
along with medicine and surgery; owners are frustrated when their local
vets are not as well trained as an available lay technicians; and
technicians understandably love and are proud of their work.

As it stands, legally, it must be a  veterinarian who either administers
or dispenses (within the context of a legal client-patient relationship)
tranquilizers. At least, this is true in the state of Idaho. So one way or
another, I guess the owner needs to enlist the help of a vet.

It will be interesting to see how this shakes out in the near future.

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