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Piney Pig Endurance

Hey Ridecampers!
We just finished Piney Pig this weekend and I have to praise my friend,Lynette Burks,the ride manager.The week before the ride her entire family(baby included)came down with nasty colds.She worked when she was sick as a dog to put on this ride.I tryed to convince her to rest-but she kept on going .God bless her and all other ride managers and volunteers who donate their time to make this sport possible for everybody.
We saw all the superstars of this sport start the fifty-it's fun to see them control these fabulous athletes!Their rigs are beautiful,basically rolling luxury motels! We slept in a tent for the second time and were serenaded by some camping cowboys two rigs over.Probably close to fifteen cowboys were singing the night before till 1:30 am.Four hours of sleep is not recommended,ridecampers.The 25 went well ,we cantered alot in the cooler weather,then slowed down after the fifteen mile check.Several of the frontrunners were doing the flying dismount as they encountered deer and wild boar.
We appreciate them clearing out those wid boar for us 25 ers!I slowed down the last ten miles to accompany a friend,then it really got hot,hot,hot.I like to pull off my helmet and just wet my entire head down,it really helps in this hot florida weather.We finished with good recoveries and I was pleased !My knee was hurting because of his bouncy trot-see earlier post.Anyway,thanks again to all of you that volunteered at this ride!
Alicia (I need sleep!)
Viktor(MY knees feel fine-the vet said I look great!)
Todd(I cleaned the entire house while she was gone!)

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