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Portable Hot Water Showers

Jerry Young
Equine Innovations will be debujting the Zodi Portable Hot Water Shower
Systems at convention in Reno this year.  Both of the units that we will
be carrying are protable.  They will come in the storage box model that
doubles as a water supply container.  These models come in two models.
One will work with a 12 Volt Battery system and the other will use four D
Cell Batteries.  Pretty Cool?!?  Or should I say HOT!!?  The system uses
either two propane bottles (the same as the ones that are  used in
lanterns) or with an adapter can use a 5 gallon bottle like the ones that
we use for the barbie.  And they are priced right, starting at just $220.
Very portable and will be great at those vet checks and around the camp.
There are other models available and we can order them if you are
interested.  Come and see them at convention in Reno.  Or if you want I'll
send you a brochure.

Jerry Young
Equine Innovations
Home of the Sky Hook Tether System
(775) 425-3707

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