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RE: RC: RC: Am I Nuts?

Go for it girl!  I have a mare who is a bit old to breed (23), but I wish I
could clone her just to carry on her genes - she's close to perfect.  I
envy you having the chance to grab your girl's half brother.  As projects
go that sounds like a worthwhile one.  And we all need those projects!  And
more horses (it's the potato chip syndrome!)


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 > Date: 2/2/2002 9:14:58 AM
> Subject: RC:  RC:  Am I Nuts?
> Thinking about buying another horse.  SIGH...This would be #3 (and I have
> foal coming next year)  He is 14 and has not done much in his life, one
LD in 
> '96, but mostly not rode for years at a time.  He's 14 and is a 3/4
> to my mare.  He was the first horse I rode when I came back to horses who 
> wasn't a dead-broke anybody can ride horse.  And he's the main reason I 
> wanted my mare--same breeding.  The guy has to sell him, and may take him
> the sale if no one buys him in the next week or two.  He's hard to catch,
> would probably need to be reschooled from all the bad habits I'm sure
> picked up.  You know, another PROJECT! 
> Anyway, even though he's a gelding, I'd still like to get his
> current.  Does anyone know how hard/expensive it is to get papers caught
> when the current owner never changed the registration into his name?  
> (Arabian)  I think he has the papers, just never bothered to send them in 
> after he bought the horse 7 or 8 years ago.  
> jeri (who apparently doesn't have ENOUGH problems!)
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