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    [RC] Advice from Hack experts - Laurie Durgin

    Well get an English Jumping Hack today(ebay 11.00).Since I am waiting on the vet to get to Rascals teeth problem(those canines in wrong place, vet thinks).I thought I'd give a hack a chance. Rode him in a rubber snaffle yesterday, dropped down and he seemed more comfortable, than his normal bit. Worked on transitions, and STOPPING.(ha)
    Checked the archives, have no clue how to use a hack. So we will go experiment ;0) If anyone has any suggestions for transitions or any problems I need to watch for let me know. I am open to using a hack on the trail, but he doesn't like to slow down or whoa, (well if we are on "our trails" pointed away from home, then he is a plug, very well behaved,BUT turn towards home (in evenings, he knows when dinner is served) and a new horse I have. So I wonder how much stopping power or slowing I'll have. Course I can disengage his hip. He does know to move away fom leg, and will turn on a leg cue.
    So should I use a leather chin strap, or a curb chain it has a nylon one on?
    I'd like to use least harse(usually use a waterford bit or a snaffle, used a pelham a while ago, when first trailriding and he bucked from it.)But I often have to use my whole body to really "weigh " the stopping power of the bit, when he gets sassy.

    The English "jumping hack" was easily available , cheap to try and has pretty short shanks, and fleece with leather noseband, so I heard it wasn't too severe. Course I could be making a mistake and being to easy on the RASCAL.
    So you hacakamore people give us some tips(like how to use the darn thing, I really can't afford another "book" right now. thanks Laurie and RASCAL (here goes)(I should be screwing those stall matts to the stall walls instead, but it is 58or 60 degrees with rain coming tomorrow.)

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