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    Re: [RC] some LD and quit picking on howard - Teamnellie

    In a message dated 26/12/02 17:46:28 GMT Standard Time, DVeritas@xxxxxxx 
    <<  Everyone who participates in this sport, (LD, 50, 100, Multi-Day, Rie & 
     Tie, Pit Crew, Support Volunteers, Ride Management, 
     deserve to be treated with respect when involved in endurance intercourse of 
     any kind, though...unless they, by their actions or words incite full and 
     all-encompassing rebellion, ask to be treated in a different manner.
         The British aren't running AERC, are they? >>
    I understand what the first bit of this means - from "Everyone.." to 
    "manner". - but what does the last bit mean?
    Best wishes,
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