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    [RC] Heart! - Rio - Stagg_Newman

    Here are 3 of my favorite stories of the horse that truly
    has as much "heart" as any horse we have seen in the sport,
    R.O Grand Sultan, aka Rio.  (MB correct my errors and add more stories)
    Circa - early 90s.  As I understand the story
    Becky had picked Rio up for "free" if she would give him
    a good home when she was buying another horse from a man
    going through a divorce.  So Becky decided to take her new horse
    on a 50 at Mt. Diablo.  Rio did not want to listen.  So when
    they came to the 3000 ft climb, Becky said OK Rio is time to
    learn a lesson. I will let you trot and gallop up this climb
    until you get tired.  Rio goes to the top without stopping,
    passing lots of horses and then recovers right away. Becky goes OH!
    That's heart!
    1992 World Championship (where Rio goes into ride as 2-time defending
    Becky and Rio are suppose to leave last check point in lead but through a
    a French rider goes out first.  Becky at first does not realize it but Rio
    When released Rio bolts, slams his ears back and will not slow down until
    overtakes the French horse and assures himself he will win!  That's heart!
    1993 North American Championship.  Rio (then 16) is not put on Pacific
    team because Chef D'Equippe thinks Rio may be past his prime.  Judith Ogus,
    who is riding Rio starts off cautiously.  About 20 miles out Judith catches
    up with Maggie Price and myself who are riding around 6th in the race at
    time.  We have the privilege of riding with Rio for most of the next 60
    >From the 67 to the 81 mile point, we basically gallop the entire way and
    up 15 minutes on the leaders.  Judith strips the saddle from Rio and walks
    into the pulse check as he is down!  He catches the leaders very shortly
    that.  Fortunately Maggie and I arrived at the last hold before he has
    Rio was looking around to see if any horses were going to be leaving with
    him and
    had this aura (that even Dr. Jim Bryant, the toughest of all vets said he
    sensed) that said I, Rio,  am going to win another gold medal and no horse
    he can
    touch me.  He than galloped off and won going away.  And won BC the next
    That's heart.
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