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    Subject: Re: [RC] GastroGard - Carrie Stewart

    When my horse was diagnosed with EPM last October, we had visited 2 different vets for a second opinion.  While I would like to believe that these vets were being fair about the price of the "new" treatment for EPM, Marquis, we were quoted 2 different prices by the vets.  One for $1000 and one for $750.  We waited on the results of our spinal and by the time they came back, some Equine supply catalogues had it for $650. 
    Anyhow, that being said, I have a friend that you should talk to.  She has a gelding with a stomach problem that was causing him to crib.  She was using a product for ulcers that stopped him from cribbing.  Please email me privately and I will put you in touch with her.

    Carrie Stewart

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