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    Re: [RC] head lamps - AprJhn

    I got a head lamp specifically for riding in the dark along a road. Seeing where I was going (or the horse seeing where he was going) was not the issue. I could see just fine and so could the horse and I know this loop along the road very well as it's pretty much the best place to get off the pavement the most.so I ride it alot.

    The issue for us was safety. Before I bought the head lamp, I rode out along the road after dark. I had blinking red bike lights on the front and rear of my saddle. The cars coming up behind me were generally ok, slowing and giving us more room by moving into the other lane. It was the cars coming towards me that were the major problem. I guess they just didn't see me or the red flashing lights didn't register. My husband drove past me once and told me he thought I was going the same way he was instead of the opposite direction like I was.

    So my quest for a white light to mimic a headlight. Thought about lots of solutions. I didn't want to use glow sticks because they are not reusable. I would feel guilty using up a glow stick for just a 30 or 45 minute ride. So I needed something with batteries. The head lamps (at least the one I got) are tiny and very light-weight. One could argue where to put it (on me or on the horse), but the result was excellent.

    The cars gave me much more room (meaning they saw me) and Serts doesn't have any problems with the light. For the first bit, he would startle every time he would look at something and the light would illuminate what he was looking at, but after 3 or 4 miles, he was used to it. We even cantered with the light on his head with no problems. He's a good boy. :)

    If I was able to ride on a trail, I would probably try to ride without a light on (used to do it all the time when I was a kid), but along the road, I want to be visible. (And yes, I have reflectors and such, too.)

    Nashville, TN

    Joe Long wrote:

    This is something that is hard to teach some people, who insist on
    carrying bright flashlights or helmet lights, throwing around glare
    and harsh shadows and ruining the night vision of everyone around
    them. That if they would just start out without the light, and trust
    their horse, their own night vision will gradually adapt and they will
    do just fine without the lights.

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