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    Re: [RC] riding out - Tiffany D'Virgilio

    on 12/21/02 8:01 AM, Alice Yovich at a.yovich@xxxxxxxxx wrote:
    > Ok, I'm curious how many of you guys ride out on busy roads? I've been very
    > hesitant to do this, worried that people would be rude to me and my
    > horse.I'm curious how many of your bravely face this each day and how did
    > you get past being afraid (if you ever were)
    > Alice Yovich, MA, MT-BC
    > Mommy, Horse lover, Music Therapist
    Almost every day. Past construction, semi's, cars, you name it. Now, I love
    it. No greater way to develop a horse that is as close to bombproof as one
    can get.  My girls will walk past 18 wheelers without blinking an eye.
    Most people are polite, but you get an occasional jerk that tries to have
    "fun" with the horsies by honking or some other stupid act. My horses are
    used to that too. 
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    [RC] riding out, Alice Yovich