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    [RC] [Guest] Desoto Saddles - Ridecamp Guest

    Behalf Of spiritwood@xxxxxxxxx
    Sent: Tuesday, December 17, 2002 4:34 PM
    I have a Desoto saddle and I love the comfort and ease of use.  I rode 
    my firse 100 in it (the Old Dominion), and I don't know if I would have 
    made it in another saddle.  It is extremely well balanced and it is easy 
    to  post for a hundred miles!  The other reason I'm responding is that 
    my current Desoto fits my horse that is retiring and there is no way it 
    will fit my new horse who is built like a QH. I am selling so I can see 
    about getting my new guy measured for one.  Mine is obviously not new 
    but if it will fit your guy you will be very pleased.  My saddle is a dark 
    havanna brown with aluminium EZ ride stirrups.  It weighs 16 pounds, 
    has all the rings to hook gear on, and also a leather attachment where 
    you can put the watch part of your heart moniter so when the rider goes 
    to the porta pot, the crew can still moniter the horse's heart rate.  I am 
    also including the EZ wash girth with 1 wool and 2 felt back 
    pieces,(nice when you can put on a nice clean, dry girth after a vet 
    check).  I am also including the full felt endurance pad with leather 
    wear leathers.  If you bought all this new it would cost over 1400. plus 
    shipping.  I am asking 900. for the whole thing and fed ex ground is 
    about 12 dollars.  I just got this saddle refurbished by the saddle 
    maker herself,  and have only ridden in it a few times since then.  I will 
    be listing this saddle on ridecamp classified when I get  off next week, 
    but it is not listed yet.  If you might be interested, my saddle fits a 
    medium build horse  with withers.  My new guy  is butterball fat with NO 
    Withers.  He is shaped like a drum so I know saddle fit will be a big 
    problem when he gets broken and has to give up his western saddle.  
    Email me if interested or want more info.  Take care,
    Becky Supinger
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