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    [RC] Children Riding Distance - goearth


    Hello,  with the Letter in the AERC Newsletter discussing rules for age it came to my attention about some young children who have done some long rides.  The below websites are from the Long Riders Guild and lists stories about some really special children.  Its for interesting reading when children could be children.  I especially liked the story of Bud and Me (a book about their exploits). They were 5 and 9 when they rode their first ride in 1909 from Oklahoma to Santa Fe N.M.  They rode NY to Ca. in 1911 and did it  in 60 days. The Arab they rode did all 3 trips.  tom sites

    The link to the achievements of Bud and Temple Abernathy is here:  http://www.thelongridersguild.com/Early_20thC.htm - but they rode:
    1909 - Oklahoma to Santa Fe, NM
    1910 - Oklahoma to NY City
    1911 - New York to California
    The youngest person who qualified to be a member of The Long Riders' Guild is Hjordis Rickert, and you can read her story here: http://www.thelongridersguild.com/Oualipo.htm