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    J. Brashier quitab@xxxxxxxxxxx
    As a wild horse mentor, state advisor for the Mustang and Burro association
    as well as a mustang owner, I had to write to this post.  The mustang count
    is rising fast and the adoption program as well as the refuges can't keep
    up.  I check on adopted mustangs and some of the horrors I see rip my heart
    out.  I also have information on the mustang bands that are overproducing
    and overgrazing, this is not due to the cattleman, but to the fact that we
    have protected the mustang to well.  Older horses and foals that would be
    handled by the natural selection of the fittest are surviving.  I have a
    mustang that I adopted 27 years ago that i would not give up for anything
    (which includes the husband), I also have another mustang mare that is close
    to my heart, but these are exceptions not the rule.  If a quick death is an
    option to some of the suffering I have seen at the hands of some adopters
    (even if it is for human consumption) I would vote for that.  We have almost
    "loved" the mustang into a really hard life.  Fire away.  I have already
    heard anything that can be said about this subject.  I love the breed to
    much to see them protected in the manner they are in most places.
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