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    Re: [RC] to LD or not - Susan Young Casey

    --- Zephyr Arabians <z_arabs@xxxxxxxxx> wrote:
    > I've only done two LDs.  My mare
    > doesn't
    > even start to get tired in 25 miles, and I'm
    > wondering
    > if she & I would learn more by doing slow 50s vs
    > doing
    > more LDs.  She's a mature horse (10).
    I doubt if you'll learn much doing the LDs if it
    doesn't stretch her conditioning any.  Furthermore,
    you'll be with her on the trail longer and would have
    the opportunity to ride with experienced riders who
    have done this before.  The knowledge you could pick
    from their (rather fried) brains would be worth it,
    My guys accuse me of trying to kill them on their
    first few 50s!  
    Susan Young Casey, Princess of Pink, LIW, RRHA, RHS
    Semper Obliquo (Always aside)  
    Glenndale Grace Farm, Ft Gibson, Oklahoma U.S.A.
    "Ride on! Rough-shod if need be, smooth-shod if that will do, but ride on! Ride on over all obstacles, 
    and win the race!"         - Charles Dickens (1812-1870)
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    Re: [RC] to LD or not, Zephyr Arabians