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    [RC] [Guest] Synergist saddles - Ridecamp Guest

    LaDora Flood ladoraf@xxxxxxx
    Hi!  Gotta question for ya.  I'm about ready to put my money down on a
    Synergist saddle for my Half Arab/half Paint colt.  I usually ride in a
    treeless saddle but for this youngster, coming 3 year old, a thought hit me.
    Not only do I have to cinch him up tight to keep the saddle from rolling but
    I am also sitting directly on his spine.  For a young horse I'm thinking I
    should have an air channel down his spine so my weight isn't on his spine.
    What do you people think of Synergist saddles?  Any comments, experiences
    whould be appreciated. My colt is a trick horse...check out Horse
    Illustrated, he's in it.
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