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    [RC] Rating your horses speed - Laurie Durgin

    So I have a vague idea how to work on rating his speed; wanting to have more than a vague idea...
    How do you'all rate your horses speed, how did you train them, what techniques, devices, training did you use?
    I know there may be many methods and "once size doesn't fit all", so I and others new to the "game" would like to pick your minds here.
    And what works more on trail, ride situation, that may not work in a "ring"?(ie. practicing transitions)
    I watched the start of the 25er's at Talledeaga ,Al. and saw many 'canter off'(I assumed they had warmed up their horses elsewhere or sooner). I wondered why they do that.For postition? Or are some of their horses just too wound up to control?Or is it that is a good place to "make up time"?Are they trying to "get away from the pack"?
    I did try a search under for rating your horse , but didn't get much. Especially with a young or green horse you are training alone.
    P.S. If anyone is interested in coming to my place to ride sometime and "camping "or staying in the lumpy daybed upstairs and giving me some pointers and enjoying my cooking (well, maybe:0( ) I live in west, nw Atlanta metro. thanks, Laurie, Rascal the hairy legs mom

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