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    Re: [RC] apology for daughters comments - Susan Young Casey

    Dear Kathie,

    I'm very impressed with your attitude.  It's not *many* parents who would...

    1.  Appologize for a possible misconduct from their child...


    2.  Put their child's happiness foremost and ask for help with something like this.

    You are to be commended in my book.  Your daughter will get happy in the same riding tights she got mad in.  In the mean time, keep up the good work!

    Susan Young Casey, Princess of Pink, LIW, RRHA, RHS
    Semper Obliquo (Always aside)

    Glenndale Grace Farm, Ft Gibson, Oklahoma U.S.A.

    "Ride on! Rough-shod if need be, smooth-shod if that will do, but ride on! Ride on over all obstacles,
    and win the race!" - Charles Dickens (1812-1870)

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    [RC] apology for daughters comments, Kathie Ford