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    Re: [RC] riding in the rain - DESERTRYDR1

    If you wait for good weather to ride, you may never ride!  You probably 
    wouldn't want to ride when its REALLY nasty, such as driving rain, 35 degrees 
    and 40 mile an hour winds.  But going out in plain old rain isn't going to 
    hurt either one of you unless your already sick.   
    I wouldn't worry too much about working muscles getting wet, horses didn't 
    have barns to go into through all of their history.  Besides, if getting a 
    horse wet was problem, do you think we would be sponging our horses off at 
    vet checks?  The bigger issue is to keep from getting cold.  I find that 
    polar fleece wicks the moisture away from your and your horse's skin, and 
    wool will keep you warm even if its wet.  There are lots of new fabrics that 
    also provide warmth and wicking properties.  Wear layers so that you can 
    adjust if you get too hot or cold.  I never wear a rain coat because most of 
    them with the exception of Gore Tex get all clammy inside.  If your walking 
    along and you start to get cold, try moving a little faster.
    It can actually be fun riding in the rain.  It will be easier to keep your 
    horse cooled down, and you can smugly tell yourself how devoted you are to 
    riding and keeping your horse conditioned while all those other wussies are 
    home dry and comfy in front of the fire.  jeri (I must admit that weather 
    doesn't bother me, I just dress for it)
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