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    Re: [RC] [RC] Re "Let me get this straight. .." - Heidi Smith

    > I'm interested in your definition of "nearby". I've defined it as "within
    > 2 or 3 hour drive". Others have defined it as a 6 or 7 hour drive. You
    > to be able to ride to the ridecamp? From the RM POV, they aren't likely to
    > want to handle more than a few people who do that. I can't imagine a whole
    > ride full of riders who just "hack in."
    As a kid, I "hacked in" to the local CTR, but unlike most rides, it was
    based at the county fairgrounds and all horses were stalled.  So I had
    somewhere to put my horse when I got there, and my gear (sleeping bag,
    grooming stuff, horse feed, my food, change of clothes, etc.) came by car,
    brought by somebody else.  I slept in my horse's stall.  You're right,
    Deanna--as an endurance RM, I can't even begin to imagine dealing with
    people "hacking in"--what will their horses eat?  Drink out of?  Be tied to?
    Where will the people sleep?  What will THEY eat?  If RM's had to provide
    all of THOSE amenities as well (as it is, many DO provide hay at vet checks,
    and most provide plenty of water, but not individual drinking buckets, or
    feed for in camp, never mind tie facilities, etc.) the entry fees would
    REALLY be out of sight.
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    [RC] [RC] Re "Let me get this straight. ..", Deanna German