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    [RC] "Let me get this straight. .." - Rides 2 Far

    The bottom line is, you want 25 
    > mile
    > rides you don't have to trailer to that are sanctioned by AERC.
    I'll let you in on a dirty little secret.  Nobody gets to compete in a
    ride close to home. Know why? Cause if it's you're own home trail, you're
    going to be cutting trees, marking trail, being a spotter, driving the
    rescue truck, hauling water to remote areas... all sorts of things that a
    person has to be a local to accomplish.  The only reasons to have a ride
    near home are to show off your trail to your friends, and put on a ride
    *for them* out of appreciation for the fact that they put on rides for
    you.  It's work. It's expensive.  I used to wish we had local rides. Now
    I secretly wish they'd just forget it because I'd rather spend those
    weekends driving to someone else's ride.
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