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    Re: [RC] Re: [RC] Ride shortages: maybe it's time... V. LONG! - Heidi Smith

    > All that calculating and figuring and the riders hovering around asking
    > the award meeting will be when there are still horses waiting for their
    > final vet check for scoring. Managing a CTR is a big pain in the patootie!
    > It's very hard work for the vets and lay judges too. In a simple novice
    > ride, the horse is given a very thorough physical exam twice!
    'Scuse me?  A CTR isn't any more difficult to judge than vetting an
    endurance ride.  I've done both, and I have to assess the horse at every
    check and record my findings at both.  In a "simple novice" LD a horse is
    also given a very thorough physical twice.  And more times for longer
    distances.  An accomplished endurance vet can generate the scores for CTR
    judging just as quickly as he/she can dictate the A's,B's, and C's to an
    endurance ride vet scribe.  Just have to add up the numbers at the end.
    Doesn't take long at all.  :-)
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    Re: [RC] Re: [RC] Ride shortages: maybe it's time... V. LONG!, Deanna German