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    Re: [RC] Re: [RC] Ride shortages: maybe it's time... V. LONG! - Deanna German

    >And if you are truly faced with trail limitations that prevent you from
    >hosting a 50-miler, I also agree with the posters who have suggested trying
    >to host a CTR instead.
    All that calculating and figuring and the riders hovering around asking when
    the award meeting will be when there are still horses waiting for their
    final vet check for scoring. Managing a CTR is a big pain in the patootie!
    It's very hard work for the vets and lay judges too. In a simple novice
    ride, the horse is given a very thorough physical exam twice!
    The one thing that IS easier about a CTR is that it is easier to find a
    place to hold it (can do CTR on narrow trails and don't need a wide open
    place to start and finish) and easier to get permission to hold the ride.
    For some reason when the word "race" is mentioned, it makes some people in
    authority say "no."
    >GREAT learning experience for newbies--human and equine alike.
    Unequalled!! Despite what I said above about managing a CTR, I strongly
    support the sport! And will live to manage another time, I'm sure of it.
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