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    Re: Re: [RC] Ride shortages: maybe it's time... V. LONG! - Barbara McCrary

    My first reaction to this paragraph is:  It is neither AERC's responsibility
    nor policy to offer clinics or entry-level events.  It is up to ride
    managers.  AERC is merely the sanctioning, educational and record-keeping
    organization; it does not do clinics.  LD rides are supposed to offer
    entry-level opportunities; that's one of the reasons they were formed.  Why
    is it necessary to have them be "stand-alones"?  Why can't they be an
    accompaniment to an endurance ride (which, BTW, is defined in the AERC
    by-laws as 50 miles or greater)?  I've done a couple of LD rides as an entry
    level ride for a young horse.  They took place alongside of 50 mile rides
    and I had no problem at all with this concept.  If trail configurations
    don't allow for a 50 mile one loop trail, then it would have to be a "twice
    around the same loop" ride.  Granted, this is not ideal, but there have
    certainly been a number of them, even here in the west region, which is
    generally blessed with plenty of riding trails.  Most people would rather
    ride the same loop twice rather than not ride at all.  The system was set up
    so that each LD ride is required to be an auxiliary to an endurance ride, 50
    miles or greater.  Many people get their start in endurance by riding NATRC
    or competitive trail rides; I can see great merit in this plan.  They are
    shorter in distance, give the horse and rider an opportunity to mingle with
    lots of others so the horse gets used to the idea of long distances, not
    races from the starting line.  Discipline before speed.  Not too bad an
    idea.  Great learning experience for all.
    Barbara McCrary
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    >   It seems to me AERC needs to put some effort into making it
    > easier for 'wanna-bes' to get intot he sport by providing MORE
    > clinics and entry-level events.  If allowing separate LD events
    > makes this easier, I can't see any harm in it.
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    Re: Re: [RC] Ride shortages: maybe it's time... V. LONG!, A. Perez