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    Re: [RC] Ride shortages, etc... - Cindy Collins

    Amen to Angie's comment below!  Also, as someone said, at many of the
    multiday rides there are no LDs (one of the consequences of the rule
    requiring a vet check for the 25 milers because many of our western md
    rides are so remote that we can't get a vet to any place but the 25 mile
    point...they are laid out that way)and there is no problem w/attendance. 
    In fact, they are getting rather crowded!  I would NEVER support having LD
    rides w/out AERC sanctioned 50 milers.  If that is the goal, I wish the LD
    folks would just start their own organization and sacntion them as such. 
    Yeah, I know, that ticked off a bunch of folks!  One more thought...for
    those of you who don't support multiple use of trails and don't support
    other trail users:  We Westerners are losing more and more trails to what
    I call "elitists" users. Just know I have personally sat in on meetings
    where these folks who called themselves environmentalists, stated clearly
    that their long-term agenda is to get all horseback use off all national
    forests.  Many environmental organizations feel that way, but are very
    careful where they say it.  If we are not all very careful about our
    politics, we in the West will end up like the SEasterners and not have the
    miles available to us for the md rides we've all come to love.  Just some
    What...do they roll up the trails and put them away when there's no
    *organized* event?  I can do a 25 mile training ride with no awards,
    points, miles or meals any weekend I want to close to home.  Nobody's
    stopping me. Who's stopping you?
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