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    [RC] need help with daughter re:horse - Rides 2 Far

     Its  sad and it seems she's blaming herself and 
    > saying that because she decided to euthanize Ras she nowfeels she >
    killed her.
    Your daughter is soooo wrong.  Tell her I admire her putting her OWN
    feelings aside to do what was right for the horse.  I have seen so many
    people let an animal suffer because they are selfish. They are thinking
    about how *they*will suffer when the horse is gone and they miss it. 
    Horses have no sense of past or present. They live in the now.  A horse
    who is in pain does not have the luxury we have of reminiscing about
    better times, or hoping for things to improve. They don't have goals,
    such as wanting to see their grandchildren. They simply hurt.
    Your daughter is hurting, because she accepted the pain FOR her horse. 
    Choosing between  herself or the horse as to which would suffer, she
    chose to take on the load and let the horse go into a peaceful sleep and
    be free of pain.  Yes, it is hurting her, but she has proven that she was
    worthy of the horse's friendship and is a person who is worthy of being a
    selfless horseman who has put her horse's welfare ahead of her own.
    There are people who shun the responsibility they have been given by
    refusing to make the tough decisions.  They are selfish, self absorbed
    beings who tell themselves that they are "Kind" or "softhearted".  They
    are actually cruel whether they truly intend to be or not.  I have horses
    that I love that I would hate to have to turn their fate over to someone
    else.  If I had to choose, I would choose someone like your daughter who
    proved she put the horse's feelings above her own over  someone who was
    willing to spend every penny they had to prolong some poor animal's
     In the wild, predators saved horses from dying slow lingering deaths. 
    Once they reached a certain point, a predator ended their suffering
    swiftly.  We have eliminated the predators and with it the quick ending
    of a painfully fatal condition.  With that I believe we must accept the
    responsibility to end their pain swiftly.
    There are so many horses out there in the world right now who are owned
    by uncaring, ignorant or abusive people.  They are there, and they need
    someone like your daughter instead of whoever owns them now.  Think of
    all the times your horse was well cared for, doctored, brought in from
    the rain.  Would she have trusted anyone else to take care of that horse
    if she'd sold her?   Somewhere, just the right horse  is out there
    waiting for her. Is anyone taking care of it?  Is it hungry? Cold?  
    I'm sure that your mare had your love right up to the end.  What better
    way to make the transition between this world and the next?
    P.S.  Horses are  mentioned in heaven. :-)
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