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    Re: Re: [RC] Ride shortages: maybe it's time... - A. Perez

    "LD rides fit within the AERC umbrella only when they are part 
    of an endurance event, with endurance rides.  IMO it really 
    doesn't make sense for an endurance-ride organization to 
    sanction standalone LD rides."
    Why not?  Can minor-league games only take place when and
    where a major-league game is held?  Are cities banned from
    hosting minor-league teams if they do not have a major league 
    team?  I fail to see the reasoning here, and can see plenty of 
    reasons WHY AERC should sanction standalone LD rides.  If
    'dilution' of the sport is the fear, as I said, withold points, 
    awards etc: just don't withold 'real-life' training 
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