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    Re: [RC] [RC] Water tanks and safety - Karen Standefer

    It would be the same or worse if they were in the
    horse compartment.  
    --- Heidi Smith <heidi@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx> wrote:
    > > I have/had 3 of the rooftop tanks on my trailer
    > during
    > > our accident. There was probably a total of 50
    > gallons
    > > water in the tanks.  There could not be much worse
    > > accident than we had (110 mph head on with another
    > > large vehicle).  The tanks caused absolutely no
    > > issues.  They were all still intact and undamaged
    > and
    > > caused no damage to the trailer.  I had already
    > > checked with the manufacturer of my trailer to
    > make
    > > sure it could handle the weight.
    > >
    > > More important to safety to humans and animals is
    > > insuring you have the correct vehicle to handle
    > the
    > > weight.  I would venture to say 90% of us do not.
    > I'm glad that they were not an issue in your
    > accident, Karen, but not all
    > accidents are alike.  And the laws of physics
    > apply--unbaffled water is a
    > mass that applies a force when it is already in
    > motion down the highway at
    > 60 mph, and if you swerve, it can make your swerve
    > worse, or cause a
    > rollover.  Doesn't matter if the tanks are so
    > anchored down that they are
    > the last thing to move or break--the weight and the
    > mobility of the water
    > can still be major issues in the dynamics of an
    > accident.
    > Heidi
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    Re: [RC] [RC] Water tanks and safety, Heidi Smith