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    Re: [RC] [RC] Water tanks and safety - Heidi Smith

    >Water goes at about 8 pounds a gallon. So if you have 50 gallons of water on the roof of your trailer and stop at 60 miles an hour the force is about that of stopping a yearling bull!
    Except that the other factor in figuring force is velocity, and I have yet to see a yearling bull get up to 60 mph....
    >If it on top a gooseneck LQ trailer that goes for 10,000 to 12,000 pounds to start with then it should not be a big deal (assuming it is tied down). However, if it's on top of a small trailer it could cause a real problem.
    In a straight headon, it likely wouldn't be a problem on a bigger trailer, but if there are any twisting or sideways forces (such as a swerve) it could be the difference between rolling and not rolling.  BTW, my STEEL gooseneck only weighs 4800 lbs empty, so if you add another ton for two endurance horses and all our gear, etc., that's still less than 7000#--light enough to be adversely affected by 400# of ballast in the wrong place. I can easily carry 8% of my body weight, too, but if I slip and fall while running, I'd sure rather have it close to my center of gravity, instead of out at some extreme point. 


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