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    RE: [RC] [RC] Water tanks and safety - Karen Standefer

    I have/had 3 of the rooftop tanks on my trailer during
    our accident. There was probably a total of 50 gallons
    water in the tanks.  There could not be much worse
    accident than we had (110 mph head on with another
    large vehicle).  The tanks caused absolutely no
    issues.  They were all still intact and undamaged and
    caused no damage to the trailer.  I had already
    checked with the manufacturer of my trailer to make
    sure it could handle the weight.  
    More important to safety to humans and animals is
    insuring you have the correct vehicle to handle the
    weight.  I would venture to say 90% of us do not. 
    Referenced Post 
    Never mind whether the roof is solid enough to hold
    the extra weight.  I don't want all that weight up
    high if I get in a crash.  I'd just as soon that the
    ballast be in the bottom.  While the gravity flow
    might be nice once I get to camp, I'll stick to water
    down as low as I can haul it for the sake of safety,
    thank you kindly.
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